Northwest Holistic Medicine - a natural choice for women's health and fertility

Northwest Holistic Medicine is closed.

I am happy to introduce Dr. Nesreen L. Medina ND, LAc as the new owner of the clinic Nest Medicine.  She will also be taking over my practice.  Dr. Medina has been practicing for over 9.  She provides Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture specializing in women's health, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, complimentary pediatric care, urology, Lyme disease, detoxification, autism spectrum.  Please visit for Dr. Medina’s contact information.
All medical records will be maintained at Nest Medicine.  If you have already requested records they are in process. 

If you would like to request medical records or have a prescription refill request, please have your new provider or pharmacy fax the request to (844) 704-9557. 

All questions regarding billing and insurance for services provided by myself may still be directed to Jaye at 206.789.2197.
It has been a privilege to be your provider.  I will greatly miss seeing you.  Thank you again for all of your support throughout the years. I wish you continued health and happiness. 
With love,
Dr. Michelle